Am I My Sister's Keeper?

14 years ago, I decided that I would begin this journey of inspiring and motivating people as a business. When I began conducting my first empowerment seminars, I had many supporters but I also had many naysayers. The one thing that kept me going was knowing that I had a supportive inner circle cheering me on.

When only two people showed up, they sat in the audience and became my Amen corner although they heard it a million times. I was so excited about the future and we often talked about the roles each of them would have when I built my empire. As I began to grow both professionally and personally, my inner circle became fragmented. At first, I was devastated and I desperately tried to hold us all together to continue the journey. Despite the distance, literally and figuratively speaking, we could never get back to where we were.

Here are a few hard lessons I had to learn about changes in my inner circle that I must share with you.

1. Don't take it personally. I am a tough cookie but I wore my emotions on my sleeve when it came to my circle. I felt that they had let me down and I couldn't accept that they couldn't be with me on my quest for success. Don't take it personally. Your friends have a life outside of your dreams and things happen that changes their circumstances.

2. Don't give up on your dreams. Sometimes when we feel like we don't have support, we start to question whether we should be doing it in the first place. I often felt that if I couldn't help my friends with their situation, maybe I didn't have what it took to really motivate people.

3. Don't confuse seasonal friends with lifetime expectations. Sometimes when we are hard-headed, God sets it up so that we have no choice but let someone go. We have all heard the saying, some people are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. It is so true. I cannot tell you how many people I have met in my life with the thought that they were lifetime friends. It turns out, they were seasonal. Move on. It wasn't meant to be.

4. It's really not about you. I took it really personal when my inner circle failed to show up for my events, buy my products, or even help promote my business. This was probably my most challenging thing to overcome. I always felt that if you are called my "friend", you would be there. One day I got it. God gave this dream to ME not them. They won't be excited about it the way I am because the vision I was given, they did not get. After that revelation, I no longer took it personally. Give them grace. It's not about you or your dreams.

Evaluate your circle and give them the positions they deserve.