5 Ways to Ride the Wave of Life's Challenges

Oh boy, what can I say about this month so far? I will sum it up in one word- CHALLENGING! I have these types of seasons in my life periodically and it always presents itself as an opportunity for me to grow. I admit that it sure would be nice to know ahead of time so that you can prepare but that's not how life works. The only thing we can do is hold on and ride it out. If you're in the season of challenging issues, I want you to know that this too shall pass.

It seems as though the moment you declare a change in your life or a renewed faith in something, you are challenged. I remember after conducting my first seminar, I was convinced that I had found my calling. I was seeing a surge in attendees and I was excited about the motivational nuggets I had for them. Soon after, I was forced to walk my talk. When "life" happened, I was thrown off my game. The storm eventually passed and I made it out with some serious lessons learned. Here are 5 things I learned about riding the wave of life's challenges: 1) Stay focused. Whatever is happening, try to do something that keeps you on track with your dream. Adversity can be overwhelming and make you want to throw in the towel. Don't give in! 2) Stay positive. I know it's hard to see the silver lining when the dark clouds are hovering over you. Listen to music that uplifts you. Watch funny television shows that make you laugh out loud. More importantly, spend time with people who are positive and will encourage you through difficult times. 3) Search for the lesson. Whenever, I have a wave of challenges show up, I honestly ask God for the lesson in it all. I firmly believe that it presents itself to teach me something about myself and the direction of my life. 4) Get to a quiet place alone. Use this time to pray and meditate about your next steps. Be intentional about getting to a quiet place to talk to God about your troubles and ask for guidance. It works for me every single time. 5) Speak victory over your situation. Everyone has heard about the power of the tongue. You have the ability to speak life or death into your situation. No matter how dismal, keep speaking -out loud that you will be fine and this too shall pass. Speak your faith in the fact that there is a purpose and blessings are waiting for you on the other side. My arms are stretched out for you. Keep your head up and remember that God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers.